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Welcome to our new blog!


As we all know, 2020 was a very strange year. It seems a long time ago that we could welcome our lovely customers into our cafe, when the shop was filled with the smell of fresh bread and coffee and the sound of people chatting. We loved chatting to you all and we miss it! So, here is our solution. The blog is a way for us to stay connected to you and share our passion for everything to do with Bread!




Here we will share with you the interesting things that go on behind the scenes at The Cambridge Oven. We love everything to do with baking, so you will also find posts about, heritage wheat, sourdough fermentation, the history of bread… and much more.


During lockdown we know that many of you have started baking at home. Visit our blog to discover new recipes and improve your baking skills by watching video tutorials from our bakers.


We hope our blog will become a place for you to read interesting articles and be inspired by all things baking.


Read our first article to discover all about the sourdough starter. What it is, how it works and instructions for how to make your own…