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Our Artisan Breads, Sourdoughs, Cakes and Pastries


To accompany our signature sourdoughs, we also produce a range of yeasted breads using the traditional long-fermentation method to deliver the most amazing flavours and textures, making them easier to digest and more nutritious. 


Each with a perfect crust – each slightly different, dependent on grains or seeds used and our artisan baking methods.


"Our signature sourdough will become a family favourite"


If you love our breads and sourdoughs, make sure you try our delicious sandwiches, pastries, brioches, and vegan-friendly cakes and cookies too.



Our signature sourdough breads are made using long-fermentation methods and naturally occuring yeast.


We add ancient grains* into some of our sourdough breads, such as Kamut, Buckwheat, Quinoa and Spelt, to add different flavours, textures and nutritional value.


Make sure to try our freshly made sandwich range


*Research suggests that people can digest ancient grains better than some modern varieties, so we want to give our customers a wider choice, and see for themselves what is best for them.




 We use a mixture of flours, such as spelt and rye, that some people find easier to digest.


All of our sourdough breads are created using sourdough starters – with no added baker’s yeast.



Packed full of flavour, our yeasted breads are made using long-fermentation methods, and we only add a very small amount of yeast.


We make our baguettes using French flour to achieve authentic crust and textures.


Our yeasted bread range incorporates savoury and sweet varieties.



Our melt-in-the-mouth croissants are made with French butter and French flour - authentic ingredients, for authentic texture and taste.


 Each one is made by hand, from scratch, and always served fresh from the oven.


We produce a wide range of traditional and contemporary croissants and pastries, such as cruffins (a cross between croissants and muffins), with delicious fillings.



Our tasty brioche range* includes loaves and buns, with various fillings - made with French flour to achieve more authentic flavours and textures.


We produce a range of sweet tarts, with the finest melt-in-the-mouth butter enriched pastries.


Our delicious meringues are created using a range of natural ingredients and flavours​


*Baked fresh each morning.



We make our speciality cakes and cookies from a healthier range of ingredients, such as unrefined sugar (e.g. coconut sugar), fats (coconut oil) and wholegrain flour or added ancient grains for a distinct flavour


We even add sourdough to some of our cakes for variety.


Our range of vegan-friendly cakes and cookies offer a wider choice for those who try to avoid gluten.

We serve a range of freshly made sandwiches and salads, including vegan-friendly options, and speciality coffees and teas.


The Cambridge Oven



Our Service


We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of customer service. 

Please feel free to contact us with any orders you have, and
We are always keen to hear from our customers, so that we can continue to bake products you love to eat.