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The Cambridge Oven is a family-run artisan bakery in the heart of the popular Hills Road area of Cambridge. Owner and artisan baker Jolita and her family share a passion for delicious, authentic and freshly produced breads, sourdoughs and pastries.  Jolita's Mother; a farmer, and her Grandmother - a classically trained baker, inspired her love for baking from an early age. Jolita has spent the last few years training at The School of Artisan Food learning how to bake iconic British, European and International products as well as contemporary breads, sourdoughs and pastries, from some of the most respected artisan bakers in Europe. 


Our Ingredients


Sourcing the finest ingredients, free from additives, preservatives or improvers for our baked products* is an essential part of our philosophy and is why we are a member of the Real Bread Campaign. Inspired by our British and European heritage we use locally-sourced, organic ingredients, where possible, to make our artisan breads and sourdoughs as authentic as we can.


We also bake a range of vegan friendly cakes and cookies.


For a distinct flavour and texture we incorporate ancient grains and other natural ingredients, such as seeds, nuts and fresh herbs, into some of our breads and sourdoughs.

*The only 'added ingredient' exceptions we make are the four fortifications added to most flour by law in the UK.


From our bakery to your kitchen

To ensure we deliver the freshest and most delicious tasting bread in Cambridge - our breads, sourdoughs and pastries are made from scratch, every morning, ready to delight your friends and family, whenever you choose.